A list...

...of random thoughts through out the last few weeks:

~Kids back-to-school shopping should be a form of torture that interrogators use!

~I wish I had a horn that sounded like WHA-OOOO-GA. Then it would be an even more perfect car!

~I should buy stock in McDonalds.

~I seriously would have been a great hippie except a shaving one.

~My children notice shapes in the clouds, know the words to songs I grew up listening to and even dance with me to them, and as old as they are, are still amazed by lightening bugs. This makes me more proud than any report card.

~I must kick my sweet tea addiction. YA RIGHT! Someday but not today.

~Wishes teachers knew how awesome a parent feels when their child comes home at night all yappy because they were excited about class that day.

~A song cant be really classified as magnificent unless you find yourself singing the instrumental parts also...

~My godson sits up all by himself. I will miss him being a baby that lets me kiss his face off!

~WHY cant I hang a picture without having 13 holes in the wall before I get it right?

Nerves, Nerves, Nerves

I only have a minute because I have to get ready for work but I neeeeeeeded to blog. I just dropped the Bug off at her first day of middle school this morning. This is something I have been dreading for many weeks now and had to fight back tears. I almost lost that fight when we pulled up in the drive and she let out a I-can-do-this breath!!

"Do I look like a boy?" she asked.

"No way, you look so very cute!" I answer as a proud mom.

"What if I look like everyone else?" she asked.

This is where I decide I need to be as normal as possible so that she feels like one thing is consistent in this big day of change so I say...

" are wearing a uniform, nubsauce! Of course you will!" in my best supporting mom voice. She rolls her eyes, tells me she loves me then gets out of the car...

A million things run through my mind as the tears can finally run down my face...Will she be ok? Did I give her enough lunch money? I will beat up any parents whose children try and bully her. Crap, what if she is the bully!?? Will she remember her bus number this afternoon? I can go on and on...but the number one question that keeps running through my mind is...Did I prepare my little baby Bug...the one who calls mascara...Madagascar, who I will not allow to have a cellphone, who still hugs me goodnight and occasionally even looks at me like she still likes me...did I prepare her enough for this new journey?? We shall see....