Middle School Politics

I had no idea it existed. Perhaps it is something I have blocked out from when I was that age but I honestly can't remember it being this way....

It is my Saturday to bring snacks for after Bug's soccer game. Even though it is suggested we bring water and orange slices most parents bring chips, cookies, and soda. Not wanting to upset the coach, but not wanting to be the mom that brought orange slices, I opt for Gatorade and chocolate covered granola bars.

Bug: "Mom. I don't think this is a good idea."

Me: "Meh, I am THE expert on snacks! Expert!"

Bug: Rolls eyes.

Me: "Seriously, I bet you $1 (because that is probably all she has) they will love them!"

We shake on it.

Bug: "You'll see. Then they will hate when it's my mom's snack turn again. That is NOT going to be cool, just so you know!"

After the game...

Bug: Strolls up with the empty cooler. "Everything was gone before the game was even over!"

Me: "See. Expert."

Side Note: I am now reminded she still owes me a dollar.

The night we pick out party invitations:

Bug: "Those are too pink." "Those are too boyish." "No, I don't want a cartoon character on them." "Too purple." "No stripes." "Too old lady-ish."

Me: "THAT'S IT!"

Bug: "These will work."

The night we address the invitations:

Bug: "If I invite E then M, S and J said they aren't coming."

Me: "Do you want her to come?"

Bug: "Yes mam, but I want them to come too."

Me: "Bug, I can't decide this for you. What you need to realize is you're not just making a decision on who and who not to invite. You are making a decision about the type of person you are going to be. A person who makes choices based on other peoples opinions or a person who makes her own choices."

She invited everyone. 2 of the 3 that said they wouldn't come, didn't. A great time was had by all. And just so you know, my few readers...that is my daughter and I'm a proud mom!!