Can an ol' dog be taught a new trick??

For several months I have been thinking that I want a hobby. Well you know, because I have so much time on my hands! Something that is just about me and not a child, parent, sister, co-worker, friend. But you blog, you say? Blogging is more like free therapy, not a hobby.

Gardening: Aside from having a cement patio, my children are lucky that I remember to feed them. A plant with no viable way (ex: a giant mouth with a side of you birthed (is that a word?) me so it is your job attitude) to remind me to do so, is doomed.

Book Club: I personally love to read! LOVE! However I don't know a group of ladies that would A) Not want to throw the books at each other. B) Not have to be bribed with alcohol. Oh and C) READ! I can see it now...I am sitting on all the copies of the book of the month after I had to take them away while someone slurs "Why are we here again?"

Cooking/Baking Class: This is something my children would actually use their allowance to help pay for...but I would like for my hobby to not help add to this cute but chunky face!

Exercise: Do I really need to say anything?

Arts and Crafts: Ummm...then why would I need to go to the flea market?

Video Games: This one I have tried. Online even. With a friend. But let me just say something, and I mean this with no disrespect....MMORPGs ARE FOR HARDCORE NERDS GAMERS AND NOT THE AVERAGE HOUSEWIFE NOOB! If you screw up a boss fight.... Stabalot will hack into your computer, find out where you live, show up wearing their Battlegear of Might in all its glory and try and kill you with their Finkle's Lava Dredger while you sleep!

Pottery: This one use to be #1 one on the list and the only thing that makes me not choose it is the fact that the start up costs for something you may or may not like are too great and since the kids wouldn't be handing over the allowance on this one, it's a no go.

So after ALLLLLL this...I get to the point. If I can find someone to teach this ol'dog a new trick I want to play the guitar! I mean I sing the part all the time. How hard could it be to learn it? Plus I am sure to find a used one at the above mentioned flea market and then when I become an expert, I can make the grumpy teen have jam sessions with me! He is bound to think I'm cool then! I'm sure of it!! I will let you know how this pans out....