Introducing JagerBOMB and The Lemondrop...

JagerBOMB has turned out to be more of a dear friend than a co-worker, but she like us all, comes with her quirks. She is a 26 year-old who still believes. I can not explain enough on how that sentence so very much describes her. The thing that is most special about her is she rubs off on me a little. I've mentioned her awesomesuceness now to the quirks....she is 26 and parties like a rockstar. My mid-thirties body can not keep up and needs more time to recover when I do hang out with her, but boy is it a blast. Her biggest quirk *long dramatic drumroll*.... she can NOT spell. I mean can not. She asked me how to spell weed-eater today. In fact the only thing she can spell is Jager, enough said.

The Lemondrop is sweet and sour. Sassy even. The best combination ever in my opinion. She keeps me on my toes and is the only person in the world I can say anything to and she will sill be there. She makes me feel this need to be the same for her. I might add at this point that she is fussing at me as I type to get off the computer while also saying I better have this finished so she can read it when she gets home. Can we say wishy-washy? She gets me. Every person in this world needs someone who gets them. I guess more simply said....she is my person.

I have many tales to tell of these two characters but I will leave it for now....


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