From Sweet Chunky Bumblebees to Monsters...

She once was a lion. I remember one time her dad and I worked for an entire week on her costume. She was a traffic light. She lit up and everything! We made it out of a giant box and she would tip over with her little feet kicking in the air. Oh, how I would laugh while she would look at me in disbelief. Ahahaha...even then the cliche mother/daughter relationship had begun! There were princesses and fairies and even a witch one year. Though it was the cutest witch...with the striped little tights!

"No, mom! I want to be scary this year! No more bumblebees and my hair being curled!" she says to me. I look at her and think where did my baby go....

"But you are so adorable! One more year!" I plead.

"Nope. I want to be the monster from the movie The Ring. Dad told me how I can do my hair like hers and it will be really cool!" she says. Her mind made up.

Uuuuuuggghhh that man. Sometimes I would like to sick a monster on him! I type that with much fondness but I am rolling my eyes!

I will just have to be glad she wants to be a monster and not a low cut top, mini skirt wearing nurse or something. When that year comes...Lord, help me.


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