A little bit of magic...


It is the most magical thing.

A song can take you back in time. A song can remind you so strongly of someone that it can take your breath away. A song can bring back a memory so vivid that you swear you were there. A song can leave you crying, laughing, wishing, mourning, at peace.

I have many, many songs that take me to these places. A song about the sun and the rain reminds me of my mother. Another about the light in the sisters. A song about a bullfrog of the best teacher I've ever had. A song about not being able to lose me...the kids. I won't bore you with the extremely long list.

This new one was linked to me by my sister because it reminded her of me. The thing reminds ME of me. At least how I want to be...accepting of whatever is to happen. I love you, little sister. Here's to hoping...


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