I wish...

...I could take her pain away.

It seems that in life it is not only your children you want to protect from bad things. Apparently this is true for all important people in your life. You want to wrap them up in your arms and hug it away. Try and make them laugh. Keep their minds off of it. Cry with them when that isn't possible. Beat up (actually my imagination runs wild at what I would like to do to this person but I'm trying to be blogger friendly) the culprit. Take them ice cream and Kleenex. Think of the perfect words to make it all better. Sit there in silence if necessary. However, there is no magic cure. Unfortunately that ol' cliche "Time will heal all" comes into play more than most of us would like.

Just know that you are loved and I am here, my friend, until time has done it's thing.


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