Old vs. New

I would like to think of myself as being hip (saying that word completely makes this statement default to untrue, but yeah) when it comes to music but sometimes I would like to smack younger folks of today. Example:

We are in the office with T.H. at her desk, youngest sister in her spot playing on her laptop, and I'm at my desk working on what could have been accounts, what I would talk to some of the contractors about or maybe Farmville, who knows really, but I was uncharacteristically concentrating. T.H. and I no longer have working speakers on our computers and there isn't a radio in sight, so the younger sister is playing tunes on her laptop. This is annoying in itself because the speakers are horrible and make me want to claw my ears off. What makes this situation worse is her choices in music.

Note: We agree on many, many songs but on occasion our age difference will surface.

Ok, back to setting the scene. She is across the room with what sounds like death coming through her speakers plus I think if I remember correctly she might be singing along. I simply stare. Stare is too light of a word so we will change it to glare. I never say a word, just continue to glare at her when she looks over at me (sisters intuition and all)...

"What!?" she says glaring back.

"You think maybe you can turn that off?" I ask. This is my version of the tale so I remember asking "politely" and not hissing at all.

"No, I love this song!" she hisses!

I listen to the words for a minute...

"Really??" I counter.

"You feel like you are living a teenage dream?" I ask "politely".

"Ummm, this is Kate Perry! Do you know how popular she is right now?" she is getting angry.

"You like some of her other songs!!" she harps.
Some growling happened I can't remember the specifics.

"Let me ask you this...will this song ever be on the 98.1 The Max or Rock 103?? (that would be the 2 classic rock stations in this area) Hmm? Will it?? No! I don't flippin think so! Turn it off!" I'm sure I was still polite.

"I will not!" she isn't being polite.

It is one of the few times in our sisterhood that we fight because usually she is very good at handling my "politeness".

One more example before I get to the point:

I flag a car down that was driving through the complex. He is the husband of one of my favorite tenants. Very nice guy.

"I need you to turn your music down when you are in the complex, please." I tell him.

"But I've heard your music pretty loud before." He argues but he isn't being rude.

"Ahhh but my music sounds good!" I smirk. He laughs, turns it down and waves goodbye.

My point: When you are playing music that is good let me define good....Good Music: not something that has been remade, not something that is a remix, but something someday someone will want to remake or remix....then you have the right to disturb me with it. Otherwise, this old lady is going to ask your young derriere to turn it down! Just call me Mr. Wilson and get off my lawn!


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