Fictional Characters and Time Management..

I went to see a movie this weekend that was so very funny! However, it got me to thinking...

I've seen movie after movie with leading ladies who can do it all. I mean they run companies or restaurants or write a column in a newspaper/magazine. They do this and make fabulous meals with dishes Ive never even heard of let alone try and cook. They raise their children, have immaculate homes, make flower arrangements from the clippings in their yards, go to the gym or yoga classes, grow their own vegetables, remodel their bathrooms all while never having a hair out of place.

For the last month I have been trying to paint my sons room. When it fits my schedule he hasn't cleaned it. When he has cleaned it, it doesn't fit my schedule.

When will they make a movie about a mother who barely gets by? The mother who got up, showered with her eyes half open, put the unruly hair in a ponytail, worked all day doing mundane tasks while dealing with cranky windbags, then goes home throws some pizza rolls in the oven, because one of the kids has a science project due tomorrow and they just told her this morning, has to run to the local store because apparently the dog decided to munch on the last glue stick, chunks the dinner dishes in the dishwasher, praying it will get the crap off she didn't feel like rinsing, return a few phone calls to people she is scared have made voo-doo dolls of her because she has neglected them so much lately, sees the dusty treadmill in the corner but figures the 14 million times she climbed up and down the stairs was a good enough workout, go upstairs to finally take a shower, see the bed, fall on it, wake up at the last minute the next morning to do it all over again. Yeah what about THAT kind of mother??

Rant over...I think I will work on my time management skills this week. I will let you know how it goes.


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