Goodbye, my giant red shoe wearing clown friend....

....I shall miss you terribly. I shall miss your fried until they are the perfect shade of gold fries. I shall miss the toasted sesame seed buns on my "treat yourself" Big Mac days. I shall miss creamy chocolaty chocolate shakes. I shall miss that sweet tasting "pretending you are Chick-fil-A" southern chicken sandwich with the little pickle. I shall miss the 10:30 in the morning freshly made because breakfast is no longer being served cheeseburgers. I shall miss your crunchy two bite chicken mcnuggets with BBQ dipping sauce. I shall miss sweet tea with the perfect combination of ice in that non-sweating Styrofoam cup. I shall miss the concern on your drive thru employees faces when they haven't seen me in a few days....

Do not cry for me, my redheaded someone should have shown you how to apply lipstick friend, for in a few months when I can wear pretty "little" summer dresses maybe you will be nothing but a fond memory as I wave at your golden arches when I drive by.

Sidenote: My official goodbye is not until this Sunday so if you see me pulling out of the parking lot between now and then there is no need to scold.


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