Rights of Passage...

My children. Him 16, Her 11. Ohhh, the bickering I must endure. I think a gift I have been given is that I remember being a child, so I tend to understand what my two are feeling or going through most of the time and I never, ever forget that it is their right of passage to go through these things. So, I allow them to bicker. I do so with the age old trick parents inherit...tuning out, yet still being slightly aware. Examples: Reading a book while they are bouncing a ball through the living room, picking up your tea glass before said ball knocks it over while never missing a sentence in said book. Or, video game being played so loud the dog has his paws over his ears but the only thing you hear because you are cooking dinner is the $50 controller hitting the ground because the controller's operator died to the monster.

"Would you like to get a job, operator of the controller? No? Then have some respect!" I say this with my mean mother face! I secretly love making that face (it is "my" right of passage)!

My point being, I allow them to bicker with a few ground rules and my age old parenting trick always working. I sometimes even play along. Yes. I do! Don't judge me!!

I mean who can resist:

"Something smells!" one of the children say.

"Your face smells!" loving mother replies.

It truly makes me giggle!

However, there are a few classics that just don't work:

"Mom, you are the weirdest!" the 16 year old says.

"Your momma!" I reply stopping in mid stroll because I realize what I have just said!

Hysterical laughter from both children begin.

"See." he can barely get out from laughing so hard.

I refrain from mumbling crap to myself on my way to my room because at least for one tiny moment the bickering has seized while they join forces to make fun of their mother.


David Barker said...

So true!! I believe anyone with kids can relate to what you have written on any level. I sit and let mine duke it out as I see it as sister and brotherly love. Joke right along with them and find my self the butt of many jokes with them as I hadn't realized the saying I said was in their favor. Doh!! Can we ever say we've all had that Homer Simpson moment. I enjoyed the read!! Keep them coming

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