Unquenchable thirst....

It appears that the books I have immersed myself in, the magazines I claim keep me hip and in the know, the backs of cereal boxes for the newest jokes, writings on the bathroom walls that tell me who to call for a good time, picture stories and even the stories in the Bug's English book are not filling the need. My newest sites. I can not get enough of them. I read them on lunch breaks (because I would never read them while working, dad and uncles), when the sandman refuses to visit, even tonight when my plans were cancelled because of the weather I wasn't too disappointed (sorry to my lovely friend I had plans with, our rain check is the only reason I wasn't terribly devastated, love and hugs!) because it meant the two or three blogs I discovered this afternoon no longer had to wait until my next free moment. However, I have looked at the clock, slapped the forehead and won't even mention the things I was suppose to get done after the 15 minutes I had originally allotted myself to read.
There is something about reading them that fascinates me. Friends, family members, even complete strangers have me so engrossed in their day to day thoughts and ideas. I have tried to contemplate why I find it so intriguing versus my other reading material...Could it be that I am reading about real people? Yes, the names and numbers on bathroom stalls are real too, but whether or not they are a good time is still up in the air. These people I read, however, are very much a good time. Well, at least my mind thinks I'm off to read more on the girl scout cookie addict!

Note: The photo attached was found on Flickr posted by the user overthemoon . I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do that, it is something I have to google the rules about but it remains on that things I was suppose to get done list!


Amy said...

I like to read other people's blogs, too. Sometimes they make me feel better about myself, sometimes worse, sometimes they give me ideas.. I think the fact that they are real people does make them more interesting. I mean, we all have a little voyeur in us, don't we?

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