Cowboy Boots and Superman...

* Warning: Mom, you will need to overlook a few words. Substitutes would have ruined the mood.

Knowing that I would be visiting a country bar on my road trip, I borrowed a pair of boots from a friend who got a pair for her recent birthday. (She is one of those cool people who may care a lot about her boots, but cares more about how awesome an outfit can turn out, so she gladly gave them up for the cause!) She has worn them out to a few of our excursions, but Ive never really understood her fascination with them. Until....

I put one on, then the other and BAM!! I am sure this is the feeling Superman feels when he rips off his button down and glasses in the phone booth. I stepped out of my phone booth (it was actually the hotel bathroom, but indulge me) feeling HAWT and ready to kick some shit. Only die-hard rednecks will understand the shit-kicking reference. Since I will have to give them back, because she knows where I live, I see a trip to the local hee-haw store in my future. I'm thinking boots and plaid button down. You think a cowboy hat (minus any weird feathers) would be too much?


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