Nails and Texts

So one of the sisters and I went to have a couple of hours of pampering this past weekend. Manicures and Pedicures, BABY! Surprising enough, there are times that I act like a girl, despite what my maintenance MAN attire at work might otherwise have you believe. Anyway, a running joke with the sisters is what might these lovely Asian ladies be saying while they shluff (this is my made up word) the dead skin off our feet since they decide to speak in their native language? Maybe they are talking about the weather, or maybe one of their children made Honor Roll, could be about a recipe they tried for dinner last night, or that they slept like crap. However, what if they are saying "This woman needs some Trident" or "I don't think she has ever heard of lotion." or "Why in the world is she wearing flip-flops? She should hide these puppies!". Very disturbing really, but something worth going through for the end product.

So on this particular day I am getting a pedicure and the sister is getting, I don't know, it's something called acrylics, so we do not get to sit beside each other. They are pretty slammed so while my feet are soaking in the bubbly blue water, I'm flipping through a magazine, the sister is across the room soaking her hands in something or other (please note that I am sometimes a girl, so terminology on such matters isn't my strong suit and sure I could go look it up but then I wouldn't be being myself now would I?) and of course I flip to a page that I must tell her about so I decide to text. She gets it and laughs and replies, I read it, look at her and laugh and the lady rubbing on my feet looks at me like she really wants to know what is going on and I swear I see the imaginary light bulb go off and then have to text the sister again to tell her..."TEXT MESSAGES ARE LIKE THEIR SECRET FOREIGN LANGUAGE! Do you think she is wondering if I'm texting you about her bad breath or if she files my skin instead of toenail one more time I might kick her?" Not good when the shoe (or fake foamy flip-flop I should say) is on the other foot now is it???

Note: I absolutely love the work the people that run this shop do. And appreciate greatly the shluffing (I need to use that word more) that they do!

Another note: Sigh, on occasion I have to leave blog-land and do things in the real world so this blog is a little past due and didn't actually happen this past weekend. It was more like three weekends ago.

Photo provided by Flickr user Indanile


Amy said...

My feet are in deperate need of a good shluffing!

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