Road Trip!!

I was asked to join a friend on a trip to to run an errand she had to take care of in the town she used to live in. It was about a six hour trip there and then six hours back (turned in to a little longer on the way back because of hauling a trailer, potholes and one wrong turn) the next day. I said yes, I would love to because of the company and because she had every detail planned for the trip. I say that last part was a factor because usually I am the one who has to plan trips and be the detail person and then end up being called bossy! Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to pack my suitcase and just tag-a-long. It was a wonderful 2 days!

We got on the road pretty early Saturday morning, drove two hours and had a very nice breakfast with bottomless cups of hot chocolate and overdue catching up. Denny's (do not scrunch up your face and make ewww sounds, it was good I tell ya!) gets two thumbs up for the bigger than my head bowl of grits and that they add whipped cream to the top of your hot chocolate, even the refill cups!

We drive two more hours and stop at Opryland Mills Mall and I know there is a mall out there that is so big that it has a roller coaster on the inside BUT this mall must be given credit also for it is no average mall! It is HUGE! Made a few bargain price purchases, had some lunch, then back on the road.

Two hours later after driving through some beautiful mountains we are at the hotel and proceed to get ready for the evening of fun my traveling host has planned. We meet up with her friend at the book store she used to work for (where I was still unable to track down the book that the grouchy teen has been asking for, I honestly think it doesn't exist and he has sent me on a wild goose chase for his amusement) and then *Please see sidenote at end of blog or scroll down now for random sidetrack goodness.* head to dinner. We all agreed on Outback because I have never been to one. I know, I know. And, no, I have not been hiding under a rock. It was an alright place. The food was very chain steakhouse quality but their "Wallaby Darned" beverage was....make straw slurping noises because there is none left...GOOD! I will google the recipe! After dinner it is off to Cotton Eye Joe's. No, I did not misspell or mispronounce it. We pull into the EXTREMELY crowded parking lot only to be greeted by a cowboy on a horse directing us where to park. We show ID, are ushered to the pay station which, THAT'S RIGHT, is a bar! Would you like a beer with that hand stamp? Then walk into the biggest country bar I have ever stepped foot in. The dance floor is the size of the downstairs of my apartment. Cowboys and their girls are everywhere! This place is so setting a "mood" that it even has a mechanical bull! (Must fight the urge to be Sissy from Urban Cowboy) All that was missing was peanut hulls all over the floor, which I might send them a letter to suggest. Several 2 Steps, 5 Steps, Tush Pushes and Cotton Eye Joes later (none of which I participated in because I was not so smart and brought in my purse because I assumed I was going to a tiny place like we have at home) we call it a night because it is errand time in a few hours! I had a great time and have several "sub" blogs coming up because of this little get away! Thanks, traveling host for the introductions to your great friends, long conversations and new experiences!

*Sidenote: Every time I say those two little words, I cant help but think of and then !


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